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You Belong Here

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Membership Renewal

You Belong Here
Membership Referral Program

We value your help in growing the HWLBA.   To assist in referring others , we are providing a Membership Referral Program.  This will give you the ability to invite more people and to thank you for spreading the word about the HWLBA.

Tools to help with Referring                                          

1.  Free lunches for guests you bring

2.  Click here for membership information 

3.  Click here for our current events

Make it Worth Your While                                           

 1.  More members means more opportunities

2.  For every new membership received, the referring member receives a $10 gift card or lunch

The Payoff                                                                     

1.  Every member that makes a referral will be entered into a drawing to win a free 2019 HWLBA membership



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Hot Leads

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