Red Box Food Drive

Red Box Food Drive

Red Boxes will soon be at your favorite businesses in Highland, White Lake and Milford! Interested in joining in?

Email Amy at for your box.

Boxes will be picked up by December 15th. Links below will provide marketing details.

Scholarship Lunch


A minimum of one scholarship of $1000.00 will be awarded each year in the spring, for use during the next scholastic year beginning in the fall. The Board of Directors reserve the right to increase the number of scholarships awarded to no more than three of $1000.00 each, provided sufficient funds have been acquired to fund the awards.

Prayer Breakfast

Highland Community Prayer Breakfast

Every year on the National Day of Prayer (the first Thursday of May), residents and businesses from Highland come to together to pray for our country, state and community.  Clergy from the area provide prayers and local choirs have helped us with this amazing community event.

We sponsors various community activities through the libraries, highland DDA, Community Sharing, etc.

Founder's Day Festival

Our local communities have great events like the May Founder's Day Festival.  The HWLBA participates and over the years we have walked in the parade and last year, we had a Pie Making Contest!  Our winner made a gluten-free strawberry rhubarb pie - and the whole town was able to judge!

Annual Fundraiser to raise money for scholarships

Laughs at the Legion

Our annual Laughs at the Legion event is a great night of laughs, fun and fundraising for the HWLBA Scholarships!  We have been hosting this event for over a decade.  The Legion is a phenomenal partner providing the space and all kinds of help.  All proceeds from this event benefit our scholarship program.

Chill No Butterfly

Community Events

The HWLBA helps with various programs across the community, including our involvement with the Highland Community Round Table and the new play space., Chill at the Mill.  As the need arises, we pitch in to help and keep our members informed as to the upcoming events and ways to get involved.

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