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S. O. S. - Sharpen Our Skills is BACK!

Exciting news! We are bringing back the learning aspect to our Coffees - S.O.S. - Sharpen Our Skills.  S.O.S. is a mini-workshop (10 minutes or less) conducted at our TGIF Coffees to help our membership and their guests learn a skill or topic they can implement in personal, family or business life.

Each month we will feature a specific skill - we will provide some quick and easy guides (1-page document) to help you take away learning for that skill.   Monthly guides will be published here for easy access. Easy, relatable, and fast implementation!

Isn't it time we "Sharpened Our Skills?"

Select a worksheet to download.

S.O.S. Workshop 1.  SOS Check Fraud Flags

S.O.S. Workshop 2.  SOS Building Relationships

S.O.S. Workshop 3.  SOS Creating an Environment for Those With Disabilities

S.O.S. Workshop 4.  SOS Ayurveda Medicine

S.O.S. Workshop 5.  SOS 5 Rules

S.O.S. Workshop 6.  SOS MI Recreation Passport

S.O.S. Workshop 7.  SOS Important Facts About Pawn Shops

S.O.S. Workshop 8. SOS Important Facts about Community Sharing

S.O.S. Workshop 9. SOS LIVESTRONG At Carls YMCA

S.O.S. Workshop 10. SOS Strategies For Small Bus Growth

S.O.S. Workshop 11. SOS Get To Know The Highland DDA

S.O.S. Workshop 12. SOS White Lake Happenings

We have researched some of the best websites to help you practice and give you more tips to perfect your introduction.  Check out these links.
Includes a text editor that allows you to see how long your pitch will be. Check out the Utube videos.

The Reluctant
Wealth of good information on networking do's and don'ts

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