Unity Dollars

unity dollars

What is the Unity Dollars Program?

The Unity Dollars Program is in conjunction with Unity Project and is piloted with the Highland DDA “Live Highland Shop Highland” program. They are basically monetary gift certificates that can be used at participating businesses located in the DDA District in lieu of payment.

How can they be used?

They are treated like cash and can be used for goods and services in the DDA District in businesses that have agreed to accept them.


What is the purpose of the Unity Dollars?

To encourage shopping in the DDA District and lessen the negative impact of COVID-19 that businesses are facing.

How long are the Unity Dollars Accepted?

Unity Dollars will be accepted through April 18, 2021, this is a pilot program in the Highland DDA District.

What denominations are the Unity Dollars?

$10 denominations


How do we know who accepts Unity Dollars?

The Highland DDA and The Highland White Lake Business Association will have a participating business list on their websites. www.highlanddda.com; www.hwlba.com   There will also be a printed document including all participating businesses handed out with the purchase of Unity Dollars.

Where do I Purchase Unity Dollars?

Highland Township Treasurer’s Office, 250 E. Livingston Road  (Temporary Offices for Township)

How will it be tracked?

Highland Township will have a log that contains serial numbers, who purchased, date and amount.

How does match work?

Purchase a $10 Dollar/Certificate for $5. Highland DDA donated $2,000 to reimburse the merchant.

How many Unity Dollars can a household purchase at once?

Five certificates ($50.00 face value purchased for $25.00). Note: All sales are final. There are no cancellations, exchanges, or refunds.

How many times can a household return to purchase Unity Dollars?

Two times until February 1, 2022 and then there is no limit on visits.

How many $10 Unity Dollars can be used at a business?

A maximum of two Unity Dollars ($20.00) per purchase.

Why only Two Unity Dollars/Certificates allowed to be redeemed per business? (per visit)

To promote return business and encourage Unity Dollars to be used at multiple businesses.

Can one cash in their Unity Dollars received as a gift directly or a patron return them? 

No, Unity Dollars are to be spent at the participating DDA businesses. All sales of Unity Dollars are final. There are no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations. Participating businesses can give change from a Downtown Dollar purchase. The Highland DDA, Highland Township, Huron Valley Unity Project Team and all participating businesses are not responsible for Unity Dollars that are lost, stolen, or damaged.

What happens if I need to return something I purchased with Unity Dollars?

Return policies will follow the policies of the participating business.

How will participating businesses get reimbursed?

The businesses will be fully reimbursed by DDA funds through Highland Township.

A reimbursement form will be made available to the businesses. They will complete and mail or drop off to township. Please allow 3 weeks for reimbursement.

Note: A HWLBA business that is NOT in the DDA District unfortunately cannot accept Unity Dollars.

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