Building a Stronger Community through understanding


Our nation has been faced with racial disharmony, social unrest, and more.  To create understanding and oneness with each other and our businesses, several organizations have teamed up to form the Huron Valley Unity Project.  This project is to create understanding, oneness and deepen relationships among each other.

We are starting with two projects - one for the community and one for our businesses.  When you build strong businesses, your community profits.  When your community is united, the local businesses thrive.  We want to be the example for our children, county, state and world.  Although we have differences - backgrounds, creeds, races, and experiences - we are united in our belief that we all have a place here in Huron Valley and we make it better when we embrace our differences and celebrate them.


Walk A Mile in Another's Shoes

Art Show

We are all unique and magnificent human beings with unique backgrounds, diversity, and life experiences. Why bother to get to know someone different than you? The answer may be this simple: Thriving communities celebrate others' differences regardless of their income, social status, age, gender, or race.  This art program is for people of all ages to tell their personal story through the shoe theme. View the virtual art show by clicking below.


Business Partners

Walk A Mile In Another's Shoes


This project is to help connect with our local business partners.  Each business will have the opportunity to join the Unity Project and be a part of an incredible network of people dedicated to promoting local businesses while coming along side our community.  For just $25, you can be a partner.  What does that get you?  Marketing materials to participate in the program, video/Facebook promotion of your business and a donation of shoes to Community Sharing.  This is a win for everyone!  Click HERE for more detail.

In collaboration, the Highland Downtown Development Authority is piloting a program to help our local businesses.  The Live Highland Shop Highland Unity Dollars are sponsored by the DDA.  The Unity Dollars can use at your place of business (you will be reimbursed for the entire face value).  The DDA is incentivizing buyers by offering $10 Unity Dollars for only $5.  The goal is to encourage patrons to buy more thereby helping local businesses.  When someone uses the Unity Dollars, it gives you and your customer an opportunity to dialogue.  Complete the form HERE to sign up to accept Unity Dollars.  Unity Dollars can be purchased at the Highland Twp Offices beginning Nov 4.

Participating Unity Dollar Businesses

Huron Valley Unity Project Sponsors