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Membership Benefits

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Being a HWLBA Member


HWLBA— More than networking, more than community involvement, we are more!

Growing your business is tough.  Success isn’t found in a formula.  Success is found in connections.  HWLBA is constantly working to connect you to other businesses, the community and to potential clients.  

After more than 30 years of experience, we know that being plugged in to other community leaders and businesses is the best way to thrive and build your business.  Monthly we offer two opportunities to network, learn and share your business.  In addition to our lunches and coffees, we have multiple events geared toward developing your business.

Joining is easy.  Complete the application form and complete the PayPal link.  Start connecting today.  


10 Reasons to Join the HWLBA



1.      Instant credibility for belonging to an association that has been promoting local business for over 30 years

2.      Free business listing in the  online directory that will take users right to your webpage with a simple click and can be customized to fit your needs.

3.      Opportunity to host a TGIF Coffee or Luncheon which will promote and raise awareness of your business

4.      Make new contacts at regular networking events

5.      Strength of referrals, members look to members first when selecting who they do business with

6.      Advertising and promotional opportunities exclusive to members only

7.      Member discount programs;  HWLBA members receive discounted pricing advertising opportunities  (Spinal Column and Monthly Shopper), special pricing for members (Huron Valley Pools & Fitness Memberships) and use of our bulk mail rate (a savings of $200 alone!).

8.      Personalized service and support, whatever your goals may be the HWLBA can help you reach them. 

9.      Community support, being a member means you are supporting the community.  The dollars raised here are spent here…locally

10  One size does NOT fit all, whether you are a home based business or major corporation the HWLBA provides access to support, tips and tools to maximize your network.


Member Discounts

Membership has benefits!

Our members enjoy several great benefits:

Use of our Bulk Rate Permit ($200+ savings)
Discount on memberships at Huron Valley Pools & Fitness
Discounts on advertising at the Spinal Column
Discounts on advertising at the Monthly Shopper


Your customers appreciate knowing that you're part of an organization
that gives back to the community.

Women in Business Events
Red Box Food Drive
College Scholarships
White Lake & Highland Library Sponsors
Huron Valley Council of the Arts Event Sponsors
Concert Series Sponsors
Highland DDA Events Sponsorship


Why Did I Join the HWLBA?


Sally Brush, Owner, Custom Plus, Inc.:
Working in a home office can make you feel cut off from the rest of the world. The HWLBA offers me a chance to network with other business owners and work on events that benefit our community.

Linda Bonham, Advantage Tax & Financial Services
I joined the Highland Business Association so that I could become acquainted with other business owners in the area.  In my contact with clients I am often asked for referrals to other business professionals and I wanted to personally know the companies that I am referring to.  HWLBA has helped me meet many business and helped me become more involved in the community where I work and live.  I am very committed to shopping in and utilizing the businesses in our area.  I've received other benefits from belonging.  Today I met with a new client who got my name from the annual HWLBA calendar.  I've also utilized the bulk mailing benefit that is offered.  I saved $138 on the mailing I just did - more than enough to cover my yearly dues.

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