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Sharpen Our Skills (S.O.S.)

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S.O.S. Workshops


Join us for an exciting new aspect to our TGIF Coffees - S.O.S. - Sharpen Our Skills.  S.O.S. is a mini-workshop conducted at our TGIF Coffees to help our membership and their guests brush up on their networking skills.  Each month we will feature a specific skill - we will provide some quick and easy guides to help you perfect your introduction, listening skills, 30 sec/60 sec sales pitch, as well as helping you to answer the question, "what do you do?" so that you can get a the prospect, the follow-up call or referral.  Check back each month for worksheets on each topic.  Then practice...have a one-on-one, call another member and apply what you learned at our pre-lunch networking time.  Isn't it time we "Sharpened Our Skills?"

S.O.S. Worksheets and Helps


Select the worksheet to download.

S.O.S. Workshop 1.  "What do you do?" 

S.O.S. Workshop 2.  "What Not to do"

S.O.S. Workshop 3.  "The Elevator Pitch"

S.O.S. Workshop 4.  "The One-to-One"

S.O.S. Workshop 7:  "Whats In A Name?"

S.O.S. Workshop 8:  "It's all in the Follow Up!"

S.O.S. Workshop 9:  "Networking Etiquette 101"

S.O.S Workshop 10:  "Top 10 Email Timesavers"

S.O.S. Workshop 11:  "Personal Payment Solutions"

S.O.S. Workshop 12:  "Fitness Tips"

S.O.S. Workshop 14:  "Dealing with Unhappy Customers"

Web Helps

We have researched some of the best websites to help you practice and give you more tips to perfect your introduction.  Check out these links.

Includes a text editor that allows you to see how long your pitch will be. Check out the Utube videos.

Wealth of good information on networking do's and don'ts

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